Level 4 - Porto Pollo - 7 days - residential


Where: Porto Pollo, Sardinia
How long
: 7 days
What kind: 
residential or itinerant course
Boats:  Nytec23, 7,5 m cabin-cruiser
If you have a good or average knowledge of sailing on a cabin-cruiser or dinghy and have already attended our cabin-cruiser course, level 3

this is the quintessential course to lead a cabin-cruiser, not only if you would like to become an instructor!

Learning how to sail with the total control of the vessel is not for everybody, and this course will teach you how. It will cover every aspect of maneuvering and mooring without the engine. It is meant for future Orza instructors, but also for skippers who would like to improve their knowledge or sailing lovers with a good basic knowledge interested in improving their skills.

Course Description:

It is a very complete and intensive training for instructors (but it is also fun) where you really take a challenge and can grow in a very fast way. 

It faces all aspects of sailing without an engine of small cabin cruisers: single-handed maneuvering, anchoring in every point of sail and various maneuvers, over or under-canvassed sailing, management of boat stall, rafting up with bow or stern anchor, mooring to fixed points, mooring techniques, reverse sailing, controlled leeway, flottilla sailing...

As mentioned before, it will be a course of true sailing without the use of an engine.


Besides these topics you will improve sail trimming, practise how to use a spinnaker and two very fundamental topics at sea: safety and how to manage damages.

The course will teach you how to maneuver only with your sails on big and small cabin-cruiser in total control, providing you a precise perception of each movement of the boat and full knowledge of the forces involved.

The most surprising aspect of this course is that you will learn how to apply the same techniques to lead much bigger boats and thanks to the acquired sensitivity – also a finer ability to maneuver with an engine in restricted waters. 

The best and most suitable term of comparison for this kind of course could be the sailing version of a speed and acrobatic driving course (drifting, spinning-out, skidding). After you went above and beyond, but still in a protected setting, you will lead a boat in total safety and with a higher awareness. The great value of this experience, after all is the opportunity to take a risk, make a mistake and face a challenge. You can experience what in a regular sailing life is not accepted :)

This course trains future Orza instructors of itinerant courses on Nytec 23 (7,5 m cabin-cruiser) but it represents a great opportunity for expert skippers who chose to improve their skills and lead a boat only with sails.

The course is organised with daily training at sea and some theory lessons. It can be a residential or mixed residential/itinerant course according to the season and the instructors decision.


  • maneuvering with sails approaching docks or fixed points
  • anchoring only with sails in each point of sail: running, broad or beam reach or close-hauled, bow or stern anchoring
  • maneuvering approaching a windward point
  • mooring, how to handle lines and fixed points
  • reverse sailing
  • precise sail trimming
  • over and under-canvassed sailing
  • sailing with a spinnaker
  • safety
  • ·     managing issues

Rate includes: sailing course with theory and practical lessons –  handbook – lodging and boarding at our Orza camp in a dormitory-style room with six beds, bathroom and shower – transfer to and from Palau/Porto Pollo.

Rate does not include: round-trip and membership

Navigazione in flottiglia nelle Bocche di Bonifacio
Regolazione delle vele
Navigazione nelle Bocche di Bonifacio
Mantenere l'assetto in navigazione
Linee di fila al traverso di Spargi
Gestire la planata la lasco
La flotta di Nytec 23 a pacchetto a Lavezzi
Ancoraggio a vela a pacchetto a Lavezzi
Rientro a Porto Pollo di bolina larga