Sailing and experiential learning go hand in hand!

As for the most advanced sport clubs, Orza Scuola Vela teaching method is based on experiential learning that can train both hands and brain, something that can be very rewarding on board.

Experiential learning helps the student to train on an intellectual, physical and emotional level at the same time. In this way, besides rationality and ability to imitate, instinct, intuition and action play an active role in the learning process, making it complete and active and enhancing creativity and problem solving.

Every day instructors lead their groups into a training process based on goals to reach, well balanced on pace and ability.

According to the program, every morning a sailing theory lesson highlights the problem to solve: all key information necessary to experiment and experience is provided.

Then students face their day of practice out at sea, trying to find the right solution supported by our staff. During the practice, our instructors sustain and help students by giving hints and guiding them, especially those in need of an extra push.

After the practical experience, the final group debriefing in the evening bring up the key points of the experience and closes the learning process. Students themselves are the ones giving answers to the questions asked in the morning, providing their experience and their solutions, sharing their own discoveries. The instructors will then summarize all aspects of the topic so that the experience can become knowledge and a starting point for future growth.