Orza Sailing School: upwind

“Orza” in Italian means luffing up, bring the bow upwind. This is what we have been doing for over 20 years in Italy: sailing course after sailing course, boarding after boarding we bring hundreds of students upwind and towards the great adventure of sailing. We accompany them between the waves to discover the energy, friendship and joy that you only find  between people that share a healthy passion.

Adults of any age, teenagers and children from 8 years old, but also students with their teachers join us every year to enjoy this fantastic and rewarding sport!

In Italy - sailing available every season

Sailing can be done each season, all excellent to sail, each one with its own wind, weather, places and boats. Adults, teenagers or children, it doesn’t matter, the options are plenty!

In Summer and late Spring we offer courses where you get closer to the water on dinghies and skiffs. We also offer itinerant weeks with the adventurous nautical camping on the small and gritty cabin cruisers or relaxing weeks aboard the larger cabin cruisers.

In Autumn and Winter, when the weather gets colder, we leave the “wet” boats for the cruises, the holidays on board, the regattas, the sailing week-end on the larger cabin cruisers.

Orza sailing courses: from 8 years old, everything and more!

Orza sailing courses offer everything you're looking for, according to your experience, sailing level and the type of boat you chose. Not all sailors are the same: some prefer the leisure of cruising while others fancy the regatta grit. Some look for a comfortable and big boat while others love small, “wet” and fast boats. You may be keen to be a tiller-man, a helmsman, a skipper or a crew member....

So, whether you are an adult, under 18 or a parent of sport lovers, we have what suits you: from the cruising school to the coastal cruise, from the offshore sailing to the regatta, from cabin cruiser to dinghy, all in 4 different learning levels. These are offered as weeks on board, weekends or day courses. Not to forget our windsurfing courses and navigation theory courses.

  • Courses for under 18s:
    • In Summer - one/two weeks courses in our Sardinia camp in Porto Pollo
    • All year-round - sailing weekends at our Fezzano camp, Liguria, where you can continue with the sailing training in the colder seasons
  • Adult courses:
    • In Summer - one/two weeks sailing courses at our Sardinia camp in Porto Pollo or cruise school in the Mediterranean sea
    • All year-round - sailing weekends in Fezzano, Liguria; regatta courses that include the attendance in winter championships; single topic courses (mooring, maneuvers, spinnaker etc.); special occasions at Bank Holidays either in Liguria and in Porto Pollo camps; Cruise schools of few days in the Mediterranean sea at Bank Holidays.

It's always the right time to sail!

If you want to get the sailing license (“Patente Nautica”) Orza Scuola Vela organizes navigation theory courses, a valid help for those who would like to take the qualifying exam, within or over 12nM.

Charter and Rent:

Available year-round from Orza Charter: relaxing holiday cruises in the Mediterranean Sea and across the world. Boats rent with or without a skipper.

The three Orza Scuola Vela Camps welcome you aboard!

Porto Pollo, north Sardinia: a stunning base camp within the so called “sailing haven”. Summer courses are held at this camp and from there we set sail through the stunning islands of the “Maddalena Archipelago” Natural Park and within the “Straits of Bonifacio”

Fezzano di Porto Venere, Liguria: a unique small harbor within the famous “Golfo dei Poeti” (the Gulf of Poets) where Lord Byron used to swim and write. Fezzano is a stone's throw away from the stunning “Cinque Terre” and we have four fast cruise boats from 10 to 14 meter long which are used by our students/guests for sailing courses or relaxing holidays.

Monza, Milano:  our offices, which are also used for events and theory courses.


Luff up, bear away, learn

Our team has 100+ well prepared, skilled and passionate instructors trained within our sailing school, who are ready to teach their students the method and magic of the sailing life.

The teaching method is based on “learning by doing”, which makes learning an active experience for people of all ages, always fun and far away from the day to day stress.

Our 40+ fleet made up of dinghies, skiffs, small and big cruisers boats is ready to set sail and it is waiting for you!


But we do not live only for sailing!

We also invite you to participate in our special events, trainings and parties at our Monza base. Come and join us!