Respect at sea and on land

Orza Sailing School does its best to continue sailing in clean water, teaching students to respect the environment and trying to be more “green” every day, both on land and at sea. Here is how we do it:

A low impact base

In Spring 2013 we finished restoring our Porto Pollo camp, which is currently a low impact building. Thanks to 36 solar roof-top panels, its 9kw Photovoltaic plant supplies energy and its heating solar plant grants us warm showers. The pump heating/cooling system, heating insulation, insulated doors and windows with double glass keep us cool in the Summer and provide an extra cover in the cold season. 

A new eco-friendly dock - coming soon

We are planning to build a new dock for our boats that will be completely green and supplied by solar energy.

Separate waste at sea and on land

Separate waste collection does not take place only on land, but also during our sailing courses. Students take back their waste already separated in different bags. A bit of an extra effort but for a greater result.

Sailing courses without fuel

We are very proud of our sailing courses on small boats which are adventurous and totally environmental-friendly: maneuvering is exclusively thru sails, no engine and no fuel. A big present for the environment.