Sailing and windsurfing courses

Teaching is our passion!

Teaching is in our DNA: over 300 schools selected Orza to organize their sailig school trips in Italy and many of them come back every year with their students to learn one of the healthiest and most fun subject matters available.

Instructors, sailor-men and teachers

Instructors are trained within Orza Scuola Vela, selected from the courses dedicated to teenagers by our staff as the most trained and full of patience ones to teach young kids.
Training is based on the experiential method, that can make learning an active moment for everybody, very easy and far from performance-related stress. This way both exuberant and shy types finish their sailing course full of enthusiasm and passion.


Sailing is a good form of education

A class of students in a sailing course turns into a crew. And this is how people can develop social skills, cooperation and self-esteem on board. Independence can therefore grow, and you can learn to respect each other, to overcome small issues and reach your goals. Furthermore, in our courses children live as the true main characters: they are directly involved in all daily activities, preparing breakfast and dinner,  learning from theory lessons, maneuvers on board or fun activities. This way, day after day, they get closer to a sailing life, but most of all they become more responsible.

Sailing is a learning and fun experience that turns into an incredibly big present for the future of the children.


Technique and ability to grow

Sailing is a complete sport activity, a good physical exercise available to all that can increase reactive ability and enhance intuition and manual ability.
Orza sailing programs reserved for schools are therefore envisioned to develop all kids’ potentials and to meet their desire to have fun and live an adventure.
Aboard small boats, safer and more stable vessels and within their reach, children can learn independence and face their first challenges in restricted waters, always supervised by our instructors on safety boats.
Meanwhile on cruisers, bigger boats, equipped with cabins and lead by an instructor, they can experience sailing around, reaching islands belonging to the archipelago discovering bays and creeks where you can anchor.


Safety above all

Safety is a key part of teaching how to sail. Teaching safety measures is part of the program, together with showing the correct attitude and action to take according to the situation.


Sailing? A program with many other subject matters!

Thanks to the cooperation with biologists, naturalists and environmental guides additional activities can be added to the sailing program:   biology, environmental awareness, geography, meteorology… but also some practical activities such as daily trips, visits and sea-world watching.


Sailing courses in English or Italian

School sailing courses for children can be taughtin English or Italian. Upon request from big school groups Orza sailing school can provide native language teachers.


We do it all for you

Orza sailing school takes care of everything, from travel arrangement to the last details, in total flexibility and in agreement with requests of teachers and schools.