Level 4 - Porto Pollo - 7 days residential course

Where: Porto Pollo
How long
: 7 days
What kind: 
residential course
Tridente 14, Laser Bahia, 420
if you have a pretty good knowledge of sailing on a dinghy or if you have completed your training on a dinghy.

This course trains Orza dinghy instructors of first, second or third level according to their technical abilities.

It is meant for dinghy lovers of medium to high level; it improves and perfects your experience on this kind of sailboat and it provides the stonesteps on how to teach it to students.

Course Description:

Training for dinghy instructor addresses different topics facing all aspects of teaching how to lead a dinghy.

This course teaches how to steer and maneuver at different levels and in different weather conditions and also how to practically manage a course: how to organise a day at sea with all exercises between the bouys, how to manage any helpers, boat leaving and coming back to the beach, cap-sizing, how to evaluate weather according to the course level.

Then it will be about how to use a rubber dinghy, how to drive it side by side or in case of emergency when boats are in trouble, how to manage towing and safety, how to use a vhf. Furthermore the course will provide knowledge of the sailing area, seabed or any danger.

In order to become a teacher for intermediate or advanced levels, the course will cover the use of trapeze, how to rig and lead a boat with a spinnaker or gennaker, the different kind of leading close-hauled, VMG, leading and maneuvering a boat with strong wind, how to trim sails and all about teaching a regatta for second or third level courses (rules and tactic).

This is a residential course with some days out at sea and some theory classes.


  • Getting to know the sailboats and rigging them
  • leading and maneuvering a dinghy at different levels
  • how to handle a cap-sized boat
  • beach start and arrival
  • use of a rubber dinghy, how to lead it side by side and recover people
  • how to tow with a rubber dinghy
  • how to organise a course every day
  • how to manage a fleet of dinghies in the sailing area
  • water exercises
  • how to place bouys
  • how to manage helpers
  • how to evaluate weather conditions according to the course
  • safety
  • how to handle a boat damage
  • how to use a vhf

For intermediate or advanced levels

  • how to rig and lead a boat with a spinnaker or a gennaker
  • trapeze
  • vmg
  • first regatta knowledge
  • ·     rules of a regatta

Rate includes: sailing course with theory and practical lessons –  handbook – lodging and boarding at our Orza camp in a dormitory-style room with six beds, bathroom and shower – transfer to and from Palau/Porto Pollo.

Rate does not include: round-trip and membership