Level 2 - Porto Pollo - 14 days residential - itinerant course


- one week residential course in our Sardinian camp
- one week itinerant course in the Maddalena Archipelago, Strait of Bonifacio and Southern Corsica

How long:14 days

What kind: one week residential course on a dinghy and one week itinerant course on a cabin cruiser.

Sailboats: dinghy Tridente 14 or Laser Bahia - cabin cruiser Nytec 23

Who:  people who attended the beginners course or has some kind of experience.

Course Description: one week at our Sardinian Camp on technical and double dinghies and then board on a wonderful cruise to continue learning.
During the first week you will deepen new topics on boats that can easily be steered. You can attend it in a natural and clear environment finding the proper wind conditions.

On your second week you can set sail and continue aboard our Nytec '23 in flotilla. These sailboats have a shallow draft that allow us to discover the wonderful Strait of Bonifacio between Sardinia and Corsica. Every sailboat hosts one instructor and 3 students. The course will not be only about tacking and jibing, but also sailing from island to island, anchoring, maneuvering and sleeping  unforgettable nights at anchor. Besides sailing along the coast, the course offers some excursions on land, stops on spectacular beaches and all the fun related to sea flotilla camping.

Living sparely on board will require some spirit of adaptation, but you will get so much fun out of it!

Topics: Terms and ropework, points of sail, tacking, jibing, stopping, true and apparent wind, fine sail adjustment, sail reefing, safety while sailing, anchoring and docking, aero-hydrodynamics, steering, centre of wind effort and centre of lateral resistance, spinnaker, man over-board recovery.

Rate includes: sailing course with theory and practical lessons – boarding and drinks – lodging at our Orza camp in a dormitory-style room with six beds, bathroom and shower during the first week; lodging on board a boat during the second week– transfer to and from Palau/Porto Pollo.

Rate does not include: round-trip and membership