Level 2 - Porto Pollo - 7 days - itinerant course

LEVEL 1 - 2 

Where: Boarding in Porto Pollo – Sardinia – sailing in the Maddalena Archipelago and Strait of Bonifacio

How long: 7 days

What kind: itinerant course

Boats:  Sun Fast 32i 

Who:  people who would like to approach sailing for the first time or with  some experience.

Course Description: Using the spinnaker will be the main activity,  but you will also maneuver the boat, moor, anchor, docking. This is the second level and we consider you experienced and conscious: you do not need to go home at night. Now you are ready to sail between the wonders of the Archipelago, ready to land, sunsets and nights out at anchor togeher with friends under the stars in the most fascinating coves. Set sails, the sea is just waiting for you for this interesting and educational itinerant sailing course. 

Topics: How to manage a cruise, use of the engine, piloting, chart work and navigation, Knowledge of boat instruments, docking and anchoring with engine, sail trimming, true and apparent wind, aero-dynamics, centre of wind effort and centre of lateral resistancespinnaker, man over-board recovery.

Rate includes: sailing course with theory and practical lessons – boarding and drinks – handbook - lodging aboard– transfer to and from Palau/Porto Pollo.

Rate does not include: round-trip and membership