Porto Pollo - 7 days - residential


Where: our Camp in Porto Pollo – Sardinia

How long: 7 days

What kind: residential course with lodging at our camp

Boats:  O'pen Bic

Who: children (from 8 to 13) who have some experience on dinghies solo or couple

Course Description: The O’pen Bic his a modern monotype with great speeding skills, it planes easily and can be considered a very fun boat. Improving your technique on a boat like the O'pen Bic allows kids to grow technically and to get use quickly to new dinghies generation. Moreover, being solo, children have the opportunity to reach a high level of autonomy both in the arm and in the operations of departure / arrival at the beach and in maneuvers. The use of this little boat is also related to weight and height of kifs and teenagers. This sailing course is held in Sardinia in a windy context and recommended to kids with a consolidated experience.

Topics: 180° capsize, improvement of tacking. jibing e boat stopping, roll tacking, true and apparent wind, rudderless sailing, plane, strong wind leading

Rate includes: sailing course with theory and practical lessons – a handbook – lodging and boarding at our Orza camp in a dormitory-style room with six beds, bathroom and shower – transfer to and from Palau/Porto Pollo.

Rate does not include: round-trip and membership

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