He/she has enough experience sailing but does not yet belong to our instructor's team. He/she can be an expert student attending training courses or about to finish them or also come from other schools or clubs.

Sailing instructor helper is in charge of:

  • Helping and cooperating with the instructor
  • Helping out with maintening and tidying up the sailing equipment
  • checking out that the meal/cleaning working team are well organized
  • Assisting in the meal preparation 

Required skills:

  • Advanced sailing knowledge in one or more boats (cabin cruiser, dinghy or skiff)
  • Be interested in teaching
  • Availability and flexibility
  • Experience to manage groups
  • Experience to live in a community
  • Good ability to handle personal relationships

Compensation and advantages: spending some time at our camp as instructor helper is certainly a great opportunity that can provide knowledge and safety. Helpers can learn directly a practical sailing teaching, to teach classes and to maintain boats and safety boats. Furthermore, they are invited to take part to the training opportunities that our school organizes from time to time during their staying. Even compensation, lodging and boarding provided by Orza. Round trip is not reimbursed. You can also get some benefit on our training courses to become an instructor.


Helper – Help opening and closing the base

During the season and in the busiest time, meaning during opening and closing the base, we need a helping hand.

Helpers is in charge of:

  • Helping out the staff in different activities during the season (kitchen, cleaning, organizing)
  • Cleaning and maintaining the boats
  • cleaning and maintaining the base
  • Storing equipment
  • Etc...

Required skills:

  • Lots of good will
  • Lots of availability
  • lots of congeniality
  • Lots of flexibility
  • lots of ability to adapt

No sailing ability is required.

Compensation and advantages: Even compensation, lodging and boarding provided by Orza. Round trip is not reimbursed. Benefit on our sailing courses.