Someone who can chaperon groups of under 18s from Milan to our Sardinia camp in Porto Pollo. He/she assists these groups during their staying in the camp and their sailing course.  The presence of one assistant is required at every shift and it is possible  to stay longer than a week.

The Chaperon/assistant will work with our base chief and the staff organizing all activities. He manages the working groups, a group of students taking turns to help organizing meals and cleaning up. 

The chaperon/assistant is in charge of:

  • Chaperon the kids during their round trip Milan/Palau.
  • Making sure the working team is well organized 
  • Preparing breakfast with the help of the working team
  • Being a reference point for under18s during their free time
  • Assisting the meal preparation
  • verifying every day that the base is clean, with the help of the working team

Required skills:

  • Good organising skills
  • Experience to manage under-age young kids
  • Flexibility and availability
  • Experience to live in a community
  • Good ability to handle personal relationships

 No sail experience is required.

Compensation and advantages: even compensation, lodging and boarding provided by Orza. Round trip paid by Orza. During their staying, assistants can take part to a sailing course or other activities. Taking part to a sailing course does not have to interfere with any tasks.